Individual Therapy

Therapy is a hugely beneficial intervention for difficulties throughout your life.

Therapy is about providing you with a space to explore your experience(s), whether that is recent or in the past. Your psychologist will process emotions with you, uncover motivation, and impart skills to lead a better quality of life.

Individual therapy may focus on one or several areas,  including:

  • Mental Health e.g. anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, OCD.
  • Physical Health e.g. cancer, IBS, exercise, diet, healthy habits, drugs/alcohol.
  • Career e.g. motivation, productivity, promotion, job loss, difficult managers/staff, bullying.
  • Relationships e.g. separation, abuse, loss, past relationships still impacting on life.
  • Education e.g. study skills, managing deadlines and challenges, difficulties with education system/supervisor.
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