Author: Sean O'Connell

Sleep Diary

By Sean O'Connell

Sleep is closely connected to both mental and physical health. Sleep diary can be very helpful in exploring our sleeping habits. It is not unusual for different factors to affect our sleep without us even realising it. Once we detect what those factors are, we can start working on them. For selfcare reasons, try out…

My Values

By Sean O'Connell

Values can be defined as leading principles that provide us with motivation, inspiration, and guidance for our actions. Our values remind us of what we really care about and provide us with more direction in our life. Even when we are having a really hard time, values can act as our own compass guide. Understanding…

In the Moment

By Sean O'Connell

Focus on right now, in the moment. Have you ever woken up first thing in the morning, and just started thinking about all the things you had to deal with that day? Before you even leave your bedroom, you begin to think, “This is going to be such a long day…”.

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